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By Emma Smith

I’m Emma, the Chief Creator and flower-obsessed owner of Event Cheshire. I specialise in making and creating things that are unique to your special day. My job is to make you relax, take that first step into married life enjoying the planning process and I can tell you that I absolutely love my job.

I used to be a Wedding Photographer, so I know what it takes to create the perfect look for any type of Event.

Whether it is a Christening, Birthday, Vow Renewal or Wedding, I can build your dream day from scratch and take away all the stress.

I have lived in Cheshire all my life and now am in Sandymoor, with my partner and three beautiful little humans. I have a wonderful team of people who help me deliver events and we cannot wait to show you what we can do for you.

So sit back with a cuppa and have a scroll through, and if you have any questions just give me a shout. I am surgically attached to my phone so if I don’t reply quickly I am probably stuck under a mountain of flowers and you should probably send help.


Can’t wait to get to know you.


Much love


Dave is our resident Joiner so builds all the bespoke items and we send him up every ladder.

When we say it’s a family business, it really is.  As you will see Dave and Emma live together with their gorgeous family in Cheshire.


Gill is our Senior Stylist.  She specialises in attention to detail and she does not settle for anything less than perfection.  Experienced floral design and if you are lucky enough to have chosen us to curate your floral suites, Gill will have added those special little dashes of magic.


Lauren is one of our Brides, who fell in love with Event Cheshire.  She was delighted when we brought her on board as she has so much recent experience in the Client perspective.


Eibhlin (known as Ebi-lib-lin) to us, may havve an Irish name, but she’s all Event Cheshire darling!  Eibhlin has been with us from the start and is one of our most experienced members of the team.


Our resident videographer and drone operator, Brad comes along to make sure we can share the magic with you on our socials.


Yvonne has a heart of gold and is amazing at looking after us all when we come out to set up your dream day.  She loves tinkering with the florals and has delivered some of our more complex events with ease.


Lilli is our newest edition to the team.  An experienced event and social media gal, Lilli is responsible for the growth of our socials and delivering superb Weddings.