Floral Architecture

Your Ultimate Marketing Tool







By Event Cheshire

Competition in any industry is fierce.  To stand out from the crowd, install a permanent floral, lighting or fabric feature space and just watch the instagram grow.  From swings to archways, carousel horses to neon, ceilings to staircases, we’ve got you covered.



Once you get in touch with us we will:

  1. Visit your business to take some photographs. It is helpful to us if you have any branding colour numbers and fonts to help us to plan out your dream install.

  2. Go away and produce some plans with a few options for you.

  3. Price up your favourite options and discuss florals.

  4. Complete any change in logos and graphics through our design team and printers.

  5. Install your floral architecture.

  6. Watch your Instagram blow up!

To arrange an appointment for us to come out and draw up your proposal, please get in touch.